Airline Tickets

Whitsett Travel has been Alaska’s choice for airline tickets for more than 25 years. People from all over Alaska call us to arrange air travel across Alaska, to the lower 48, Mexico, Hawaii, Europe – Just about anywhere in the world!

We certainly understand that you’re looking for the best prices, and we have all of the tools to find the best prices and the best schedules for your travel plans. In addition, when you need to make changes to your plans, or if you have a complicated travel itinerary, we are available to talk to you about it, and help you find the best options.

Here’s a hint – Many times we have clients who call us looking for airline tickets… but also need hotels and cars once they get to where they are going. We can certainly make those arrangements for you… But sometimes it makes more sense to purchase a vacation package that includes all of those items together. You can often get better deals when you purchase them together than if you purchase each item separately. We have a large number of vacation packages available to many destinations… and they offer the potential of big savings.

The best way for us to help you would be for you to give us a call! If you’re in Anchorage, call us at (907) 277-7671. If you’re outside of Anchorage, call us at (800) 544-2236.

An Alaska Airlines 737 departs Anchorage for the Lower 48!

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