Alaska Airlines Sale ends December 5

Alaska Airlines is having a sale that continues until Monday. Almost every destination has a discount. Here is a quick summary of the rules:

  • Purchase your tickets on or before December 5 (that’s Monday) with seven day advance purchase (no advance purchase necessary for Mexico)
  • Travel between December 6 and March 7 (blackout dates 12/17-1/7, 2/18, 2/25, 2/15-3/1 Hawaii only)
  • Travel Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday

If you’re planning any travel between now and the middle of March, you should give us a call today (next week will be too late)! Our number is 907 277 7671

Here are some sample one-way fares…

Anchorage to:

Fairbanks   $75*

Kodiak   $100*

Juneau   $100*

Sitka   $140*

Ketchikan   $140*

Nome   $150*

Bethel   $150*

Seattle   $190*

Portland   $190*

Chicago   $190*

Barrow   $200*

Las Vegas   $220*

Spokane   $230*

Pullman   $230*

Yakima   $230*

Wenatchee   $230*

Eugene   $230*

Boise   $230*

Vancouver   $240*

Reno   $250*

Sacramento   $250*

Oakland   $250*

Phoenix   $250*

San Francisco   $250*

Tucson   $250*

Victoria   $250*

San Jose   $250*

Santa Rosa   $250*

Denver   $250*

Billings   $250*

Bozeman   $250*

Great Falls   $250*

Kelowna   $250*

Missoula   $250*

Kalispell   $250*

Orange County   $260*

Ontario   $260*

Palm Springs   $260*

Santa Barbara   $260*

San Diego   $260*

Burbank   $260*

Austin   $260*

Edmonton   $260*

Los Angeles   $260*

Long Beach   $260*

Calgary   $270*

New York   $280*

Minneapolis   $280*

Washington DC   $280*

St Louis   $280*

Boston   $280*

Atlanta   $280*

Houston   $280*

Dallas   $280*

Puerto Vallarta   $335*

Mazatlan   $335*

Los Cabos   $335*

Mexico City   $345*

Guadalajara   $345*

Manzanillo   $355*

Ixtapa   $355*

Prices subject to *applicable restrictions, taxes, and fees.


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Club 49 Specials – November 29

We received our weekly email with the latest Alaska Airlines Club 49 specials. If you’re a fan of San Diego, this is the week for you! Club 49 members all over Alaska can travel to San Diego for the very nice price of $219 each way ($229 each way from Fairbanks). You must purchase your tickets between today and December 1 – that’s Thursday – for travel between January 17 and February 6. These fares are available for travel on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.

There are some other specials, too:

Anchorage or Fairbanks to Barrow – $99 each way.
Fairbanks to Seattle – $189 each way.

Note that these prices are just the fares – taxes and fees will increase the prices a bit.

If you’re interested in having us book these for you, give us a call at (907) 277-7671, or (800) 544-2236.

If you’re not an Alaska Airlines Club 49 member, you can sign up here, and get more information about the benefits of membership here!


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Alaska Airlines announces Club 49

Alaska Airlines announced today Club 49, which offers many benefits to Alaskan travelers! Among the benefits are 2 free bags when you travel within Alaska, or to/from Alaska. Alaskans need to enroll in Club 49, which they can do at the website, or by calling Alaska Airlines. If you are a regular Whitsett Travel customer and would like us to do that for you, just give us a call at 907 277-7671; or 800-544-2236.

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